What’s your favorite fish?

We know everyone has a favorite type of fish.  Whats your?  Then again why not fish for them all. 

The Fish of Port Canaveral

Below is a list of the fish you will see at Port Canaveral and we have recommended the best times of the year to catch them. Take a look below to find what you are fishing for and book your trip today. Be sure to check out our gallery page for some great catches

Mahi Fishing Charters


Port Canaveral has some of the best Mahi fishing anywhere in the state of Florida; we usually will troll for them or chum and live bait for them. The peak season for the more significant fish migrating north is from April thru May usually, although we typically have good Mahi fishing throughout the summer and fall. Mostly smaller fish but super fun to catch on spinning rods

Fish of Port Canaveral


Sailfish season usually starts in the fall and runs through the winter. Obviously, we don’t have the amount of fish they see down south but, we see more and more fish every year in our area. We will catch some in the summer months which I think are more of a resident fish that doesn’t migrate.

Deep Drop Grouper Fishing Fish of Port Canaveral

Deep Drop Fish

Deep dropping is good all year round, but we do have closers on certain species, such as Snowy Grouper and Blueline Tilefish so please contact us when booking a trip if you are looking at catching a certain deep drop fish. We also catch Yellow Edge Grouper and Golden Tilefish on our trips.  The best time to Deep Drop is May-August as most species are open then.

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters

YellowFin Tuna

The season for Yellowfin usually runs from the beginning of April thru July. These fish migrate from near the Bahamas and move northward. Our secret to locating these fish is by watching birds diving on the bait the tuna are feeding on. So we use radar to track the birds to find the fish.

Red Snapper Fishing Charters

Red Snapper

As we explain to our Charters even though the Red Snapper is year-round residents in Port Canaveral and are usually pretty willing to bite a piece of bait dropped to the bottom they typically are closed to fishing/harvest. In the past, there have been weekends when they open them for harvest so please call ahead to see if and when they will be open for harvest.

Cobia Fishing


We usually will sight fish Cobia, but do catch them year-round on the reefs. March and April are the two best months if you are looking to do some sight fishing. The Cobia will either be free swimming on top or following Manta Rays. Its defiantly is an exciting way to fish.

marlin fishing


(White and Blue)
Cape Canaveral offers solid Marlin fishing throughout the spring and summer months. If your looking to catch a Blue or White Marlin and don’t want to fly somewhere to do it, this trip is for you. We will dredge fish for them, so the action is close behind the boat. Also, you usually get some nice Mahi and Wahoo in the spread. Making memories 1 Marlin at a time.

Swordfish charter


Swordfish are year-round residents in Port Canaveral Florida, but due to the weather in the winter, we recommend booking a trip in the spring or summer for calmer seas. To get to a spot to fish for these Swordfish we have to travel 40-50 miles out, so nice weather is needed.

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