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Fishing Charter FAQ2022-12-07T10:27:03-05:00

Fish of Port Canaveral – You have questions we have answers.

Wonder when you need to arrive, what to bring?  Check our Fishing Charters FAQ below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sailfish Charter
How many people can you take on the boat?2022-07-20T10:23:48-04:00
For our Full-Day, Deep Drop, Otherside, Swordfish, 1/2 swordfish |½ Deep Drop, and our Dredge trips, we can accommodate up to 6 people on the 42’ Freeman.
For our ½ and ¾ day trip, we can take 3 comfortably; we do offer the option to add on another person for $50.00 for a total of 4 on our 25’ Skeeter Bay Boat used for the shorter day trips.  
Do you Freeze, Package and Ship our fish catch?2022-02-14T12:07:43-05:00

We do filet your fish after the charter, but we do not offer shipping or freezing options. Some of our customers do bring fish back in a carry-on bag with dry ice or ice packs. Fish will usually last 7 days on ice or refrigerated. So this might be an option. Publix supermarkets sell dry ice if you would want to ship it on your own. Also if you are staying in a hotel sometimes they will freeze it for you then you can take it to a UPS or FedEx store and see if they will pack and ship it for you.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-01-20T09:15:47-05:00

Our cancellation policy is 48-hours, if you need to cancel a charter please call us 48 hours before the trip.  

On our end, if the boat ends up breaking we will call you within 48 hours as soon as we know of an issue. 

We will cancel due to inclement weather and seas above 4ft, and strive to give you as much notice as possible but as you know the weather in Florida is unpredictable. 

Should I tip?2022-01-20T09:09:18-05:00

They work hard on these trips and appreciate it.  If you think the captains did a great job for you and worked hard the standard tip is 20%.  But anything is appreciated. 

Can I bring beer or alchool on board?2022-01-20T09:06:45-05:00

We prefer you bring canned beer.  We would appreciate it if you do not bring liquor on the boat and we don’t allow glass bottles on the boat.  We do allow smoking onboard.  

Can I bring a cooler?2022-01-19T15:31:58-05:00

Yes, but we have plenty of cooler storage on the boat you you can just bring the drinks and food to the boat in a bag and we will put it in our coolers.

What age should children be?2022-01-19T15:30:57-05:00

For their safety, we usually recommend children ages 7 and above.

What’s provided for us on your charter?2022-01-20T09:01:24-05:00

All fishing gear, rods, reels, tackle, sunscreen, bait, bottled water, fishing licenses, filet, and bagging are all included in the trip.

How do you know you are confirmed for the charter?2022-01-20T09:03:45-05:00

You will receive an email from Anglers Envy with a confirmation number.  Please check your spam/junk folder as it may end up in there.  If you do not receive a confirmation email from us we don’t have you in the system, please call us.  

When do you charge my credit card?2022-01-19T15:27:23-05:00

We charge a $200 deposit 48 hours before your trip. The Balance is due after the charter has been completed.  We can accept credit cards, cash or checks

What do clients need to bring?2022-01-19T15:25:58-05:00

We recommend a rain jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (no aerosols and we do have some sunscreen onboard) any Drinks you may want (water is provided) lunch, or snacks.

What time do you return to the port2022-01-20T09:10:37-05:00

Full day, Captains Choice, Deep Drop we return at 4 pm

½ day we return at 12Pm

¾ Day we return at 2pm

The Other Side trip is dependent upon departure time. It’s a 12-hour trip and sometimes if the fishing is good it runs over on time.

What time do charters depart from Blue Points Marina, Port Canaveral, FL.2022-01-19T15:24:19-05:00

All charters depart at 7 am except for the Other Side trip (you will be contacted about the departure time via text or email.)

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