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Are you tired of throwing back delicious Red Snapper and other great-eating fish because the season is closed? The Anglers Envy Team is as well! We are proud to introduce a method of fishing that not only puts top table fare in your cooler but also introduces many of you to a new highly effective technique of fishing known as deep dropping or deep drop fishing. This deep drop fishing method is fishing in the deep waters off of Port Canaveral renders some of the best table fare possible in depths starting near 700 feet.

Your day will start out by boarding our comfortable and clean 33-foot custom Stuart Angler at Blue Points Marina in Port Canaveral. We will travel east headed for the beautiful purple and blue waters of the Gulf Stream. This is a great time to take in the beautiful scenery such as dolphins, turtles, and flying fish.

Once we have arrived in 600-700 foot depth we will use specialized rods and electric reels to drop your rigs baited with squid down the bottom. This is when the fun starts, even at that depth you can still see and feel the bite. I have to be honest it is really exciting to see that rod tip getting thumped by Golden Tile Fish or Snowy Grouper. Then it’s game on! You set the hook by using the electric reel, you turn it on for a few seconds to set the hook then stop the reel. Hopefully, when you stop the reel your rod tip is still bouncing. If not, you drop it back down to the bottom. If it’s still bouncing you engage the reel and start pulling up your catch. This is the most exciting part, in my opinion, it’s like Christmas morning waiting to open your presents. Instead, you’re waiting to see how big or what kind of fish you are bringing up from the depths of Port Canaveral.

Golden Tile Fish Golden Tile Fish

The great thing about deep dropping is that once you catch your limit of Golden Tile Fish or Snowy Grouper, you will have a short run back into around 300 feet to try for Porgies and Vermillion Snapper. Anglers Envy Fishing Charters will put on smaller rigs and usually less weight to make these drops. This might be my favorite fishing, not only is the action usually non-stop but these fish are also so delicious to eat. Sometimes you will bring up 2-3 fish at a time, which pretty much means you’re the man.

While we are out in those depths it’s not uncommon to catch other pelagic fish such as Mahi, Sailfish, and Wahoo. Our crew will definitely keep their eyes out for any opportunity to put you on some exciting action besides deep drop fishing. Some of Anglers Envy Fishing Charter’s best Mahi days have been while we were out deep-dropping.

Mahi-Mahi Dolphin FIsh Mahi-Mahi Dolphin Fish

The Anglers Envy Team wants all of our customers to have a great time and catch fish while out on our charters. We are offering this Deep Drop trip because we understand that many of you would like to try something new and different. This will provide you a great story to tell your friends and family while you are sitting down to a fantastic meal. This trip will definitely be something you will remember for many years to come.

Now that you have your catch cleaned and bagged by our fishing charter crew, it’s dinner time. Invite some friends and family over so you can have them enjoy some excellent eats. The team at Anglers Envy eats plenty of fish, this is how we recommend cooking your catch. All your catch is fantastic eating so don’t get too crazy with the seasoning. Salt and pepper is all it needs. Put some butter in a pan and saute the fish. Be sure to make sure the heat is near high to get some light brown crust on the outside of the fish. Then you can turn it down to finish cooking. Should be 3-4 minutes per side depending on the thickness of the filet. Maybe coat with a little bit of garlic butter before serving or lemon, and enjoy.

Butter basted Golden Tile fish Butter Basted Golden Tile Fish

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