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Port Canaveral is the Best for Deep Sea Fishing which is located on the spectacular East Coast of Florida.  Port Canaveral has become one of the most sought-after spots for fishing. Since it’s one of the busiest ports in the country, travelers from all over the world are able to hop off their cruise ships and experience the best deep-sea fishing the Atlantic has to offer.  If you’re due for a vacation, or just a day trip out on the open seas, you should strongly consider chartering a boat in this area. Below are two major reasons why Port Canaveral is the best location for deep-sea fishing.

Variety of Fish

You don’t have to go far to find an amazing selection of fish. Port Canaveral offers plenty of offshore species to tangle with.  From bottom dwellers such as grouper, snapper and the powerful Amberjack aka Reef Donkey. Farther offshore offers species that few people ever get a chance to catch such as Golden Tilefish, Snowy Grouper, Yellow Edge Grouper, and Blueline Tilefish.  If trolling is more of your game then we can offer you some exciting action from Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Bonita, and the occasional barracuda.  Anglers Envy Charters is excited to offer our clients some new and exciting fishing adventures starting in the spring such as Swordfishing and The Other Side trip will test any anglers metal, searching for Yellowfin Tuna, and big Mahi Mahi.

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Best Anglers in the World

It’s no surprise that sport fishermen and captains flock to Port Canaveral to run private charters and fishing excursions. If you decide to take a trip down to the port, it won’t be disappointed. At Anglers Envy Charters we pride ourselves on having the best boat and equipment.  We also have the best knowledge of the local waters. If you are looking to catch the fish of a lifetime or just looking for a fun day out on the water look us up.  For current pictures please follow us on Facebook at AnglersEnvyCharter and Instagram @ Anglers_Envy_Charters


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